Spring on the Farm

Spring on the Farm

Spring on the farm is not usually my favorite time of year. I have insane elm tree pollen allergies, and since my house is surrounded by elm trees … well, you can imagine my springtime trauma. But this year, even though I’m already sneezing and wheezing, I am excited about spring. Can you blame me??   For the first time in several years, my old-fashioned lilac bushes didn’t get caught in a late killing freeze, Continue Reading

Mother’s Day

Mother's Day

This post was most recently updated on May 9th, 2016Today is Saturday, the day before Mother’s Day.  My husband is in the field … where he’s been all week … cutting the rye for hay.  A process that was supposed to take 2 days.  And is now in it’s 6th day because of breakdowns on virtually every possible piece of equipment that can break down, including my husband.  It’s been a stressful and harried week. As I am Continue Reading

Happy Valentine’s Day

This weekend is Valentine’s Day. For many people, it means the giving and receiving of candy, flowers, jewelry and other romantic tokens to and from significant others.   My husband and I rarely exchange these tokens on Valentine’s Day.  We rarely, in fact, exchange gifts or tokens on any holiday – it’s not really our thing.  We do verbally wish each other a Happy Valentine’s Day, and I often cook a special meal for the entire family, Continue Reading

It’s a Brand New Year!

It’s a brand new year!  And while I’m not entirely sure where the last year went – I’m pretty convinced that someone swiped several months from my 2015 calendar because it went by SO FAST! – I’m choosing to enter this one with  optimism and good cheer. There are a LOT of things I’m looking forward to doing better in 2016. I want to improve this blog and my other blog and I have tons of ideas for them both.  I’ve Continue Reading

Pumpkin Day

Yesterday was Pumpkin Day! While it’s not a national holiday (yet), it’s one of my favorite days of the year.  Every year on a day in October, my favorite friend, Kon and I travel into the city and celebrate everything fall. We go to stores we never *have time* to shop at; eat at places *too fancy* for meals with kids; sniff candles and lotions; have Pumpkin treats of all sorts; and generally goof off all day long. Continue Reading

For Sale By Owner

We’ve decided to put the Travel Lodge up for sale.  We love it and it’s perfect for our needs … except … that it’s incredibly heavy and unwieldy to tow around like we want. It’s what is called a ‘Park Model’ or ‘Destination Trailer’,  which basically means it’s meant to tow to a location and be parked for full-time living for an extended period of time.  This is why it’s so roomy, so delightfully home-like Continue Reading

Take Two

Last week, our attempt at a family mini-vacation went terribly, terribly wrong. This week, our son was scheduled to play football in the state Capital, almost as far away as last week’s game. After much consideration and discussion, we decided to try the whole Travel Lodge Adventure again. I’m thrilled to report that this trip went much more smoothly than the last … for the most part. There was a significant chance of rain on Continue Reading

Less of Me

Perspective is a funny thing.  When you’re in the middle of a stressful situation (like we were a couple weeks ago with our Travel Lodge Adventure from Hell) it seems like you’re having the worst luck, the worst day, and nothing in your life is the way you want it to be. Usually, after you’ve made it through to the other side, you can look back and recognize it wasn’t that bad.  Or maybe it was pretty bad, but Continue Reading