Spring on the Farm

Spring on the Farm

Spring on the farm is not usually my favorite time of year. I have insane elm tree pollen allergies, and since my house is surrounded by elm trees … well, you can imagine my springtime trauma. But this year, even though I’m already sneezing and wheezing, I am excited about spring. Can you blame me??   For the first time in several years, my old-fashioned lilac bushes didn’t get caught in a late killing freeze, Continue Reading

Summertime (& why I’ve been MIA)


You GUYS!  I know I’ve been absent from the blog for a while, but I’ve been SO summertime busy.  And I know every single one of you Mamas out there know exactly what I mean by that:  I’ve been working in the yard, the garden, the house, catching up on all sorts of things … including school, and trying to get us all on an efficient-yet-fun summertime schedule. I haven’t accomplished as much as I wanted to so far, but Continue Reading

Icky, Creepy Things

This post was most recently updated on July 11th, 2015I had a post ready to upload yesterday.  It was a fun and light-hearted account of my husband’s and my recent trip to a really cool flea market event in the City, which served as my Mother’s Day gift.  But none of that matters in light of the thing that happened yesterday afternoon … and I decided that I really must share with you that thing. Continue Reading

A Day in the Life

Spring Flowers

This post was most recently updated on July 11th, 2015Yesterday was a busy day on The Farm.  We had cattle delivered in the morning, which is always quite a production.  More cows means more water, so a solar pump had to be installed on the water well at the other place to avoid hauling water 2 or 3 times a day.  I’m especially excited about this, as I am the designated water hauler.  It’s not Continue Reading

What We Do For Family

This post was most recently updated on May 17th, 2015 This is Georgie.  She is our 6 year old wire-haired Irish Viking dachshund.  Technically, she’s as American as I am, but she closely identifies herself with the Irish.  And the Vikings.  Although, just between you and me – I think she only wants to be a Viking so she can have Kveldsmat, the traditional Viking late afternoon snack …  Anyway, Georgie came to live with Continue Reading

Clouds in My Coffee

This post was most recently updated on May 17th, 2015This is the family room I dream about: It’s so light and airy.  It’s clean and bright and soothing …so deliciously clutter free.  <3 And this is my current family room … Okay, not really.  This is a random image I borrowed from PhotoBucket because I’m too embarrassed to show you my real house. Don’t judge.  But my existing family room is crowded. We are, after all, Continue Reading