budget friendly pumpkin garland

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It’s fall! This is my favorite time of year and I would love to decorate every single thing around my home.  But I’m, like, really cheap. 😉 So this year, I challenged myself to spend less than $50 getting my home ready for fall. That’s right – $50! I have had so much fun being creative with decor. But my absolute favorite project of the season is this extremely budget friendly pumpkin garland.

It cost me just under $4.00, and was super quick and easy to make.  Plus, it’s so stinkin’ cute I want to leave it up all year.

Here’s how I made this budget friendly pumpkin garland …

Budget Friendly Pumpkin Garland


  • Yarn (use any type or color you want – I found this yummy pumpkin color on clearance for just $2.00)
  • Chenille Stems
  • Jute Twine
  • Scissors

Step One: Measure

Measure the area where you want to hang your garland and determine how many pumpkins you’ll need. I made 6 pumpkins for my garland, (plus 2 more for this blog post and my little boy) and didn’t even use half of my skein (360+ yds.) of yarn. If you’re going to be making a ton of these pumpkins, though, you may need more than one skein.

Step Two: Cut, Wrap, Tie

Cut a piece of yarn about 10 inches long and set aside. Then, wrap the yarn around your hand about 100-120 times. Slide the 10 inch piece of yarn between your fingers, wrap around the middle of the yarn and tie. Turn the yarn ‘pom pom’ over and tie on the other side. Cut the end of the yarn from the skein.

Budget Friendly Pumpkin GarlandBudget Friendly Pumpkin Garland

Step Three: Attach the Stem

Cut a 3 inch piece of pipe cleaner. Center the pipe cleaner and tie the ends of the yarn around it. Bend the pipe cleaner in half and twist gently to form the pumpkin stem.

Budget Friendly Pumpkin Garland

Step Four: Attach the Twine

Using the same yarn you tied the middle of the pumpkin with & the pipe cleaner, tie pumpkin to the piece of twine. I tied a knot around the jute twine and this allowed me to slide the pumpkins so they were even on the garland.

Budget Friendly Pumpkin GarlindBudget Friendly Pumpkin Garland

Step Five: Tuck, Shape, Admire

Gently tuck the loose yarn ends into the ‘body’ of the pumpkin, smoothing and plumping the shape as you go. Voila –  a unique and budget friendly pumpkin garland! (Or, as my 4 year old calls it, a ‘punkman’ garland.)

Budget Friendly Pumpkin Garland

I am SO in love with this little budget friendly pumpkin garland!  No kidding – it is the highlight of my fall decorating, for sure.  When I saw the original tutorial on Pinterest I knew I HAD to make it and I’m so glad I did. Honestly, the fact that it is so inexpensive is just a bonus, and it is something I will love using year after year.

I hope you try making it for yourselves.  How cute would it be to use different shades of orange or other colors to make a fall rainbow of yarn pumpkins?   And I’m wondering if using a heavier weight of yarn would make larger pumpkins?  So fun!

Right now, in addition to the garland, I have two more little ‘punkmans’ sitting out on tables – they are so precious!

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